I surprised Jen with a website for evelyn last week. It's http://evelynhightower.com  and we will be posting all images of Evelyn there. It's the best place to see all of the latest photos and videos.


Welcome Evelyn Louise Hightower

Our first child, a baby girl, was born last Monday morning at 00:15 weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and measuring 22.5 inches.

We went to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and they discovered that the baby was breech so a c-section was required. We were able to bring our camera into the operating room and the following photos were taken by our midwife and me. Great thing about an operating room is that it's perfectly lit for photos (don't worry, there aren't any gory ones).

Beginning the c-section. OBGYN Resident, OBGYN and Scrub Nurse (left to right), part of the fantastic team that took care of us. We were hidden behind the drape.


As soon as she was born the doctors held her up so that I could announce that she was a Girl. One of the few surpises they had that day. I then left Jen's side to go with the Pediatrician while they checked out our baby. I tried to take some time to enjoy the moment rather than just take pictures, but I still took a few snaps too. Here they are measuring and identifying her.


Checking her heartbeat.


Here's a quick video of the pediatrician wrapping her up. You can hear a couple of cries in there so turn up your speakers.


Mom and baby meet and touch for the first time.


Skin to skin as soon as possible was very important to us, unfortunately because of the c-section Jen couldn't do it so I got to in the middle of the OR. 


Snuggles with Evelyn.


Her preferred position for the next few days was hands mashed to face. We're pretty sure that's how she had them in utero.


Cute little toes.


I've got more photos, but not enough time to post them just yet. I plan to put up another post in the next day or two.



Jen and I got the chance to baby sit our nephew Finlay for the first time yesterday. I even got to baby sit by myself for the first 15 minutes!

I can't handle this much cuteness without taking some photos....


Baby H

Ultrasound pictures taken October 18th (20 weeks). The due date is March 5th. We decided to keep it a surprise and not find out the sex.




Another profile

We're very excited.


Off to San Jose

Ok, I meant to post this while I was actually in San Jose, but got busy with work. So here it is. I'll probably post some photos taken from the hotel room shortly. 


I'm in San Jose this week for a meeting at the Adobe head office. I grabbed a few photos in between Vancouver and Seattle.

Note: All the photos bellow were processed on my iPad using Phtoshop Express.



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