Driving the Coast - Day 7 Sunset Bay to Harris Beach

Again we didn't really have much planned for Day 7. We took our time driving around we saw three or four Lighthouses and took the scenic route pretty much everywhere.


Out of this picture to the left there was someone out surfing. 



An ok view.



Cape Arago Lighthouse. This one is not accessible to the public.



Coquille River Lighthouse. We went inside but didn't get to go up top.



This is where we had lunch. It's the view from the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. The Cape Blanco Lighthouse was my favourite of the trip. In September of 1942 the Cape Blanco Lighthouse was used by the Japanese for navigation when they launched an air attack via submarine. It was one of only two two aircraft bombings against the Continental United States during World War II.



Stairs up to the top of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.



One of the two Lights inside the lenses (the second is a backup that's not lit).



Photo by Jen. We had lunch right at the perfect time because after we finished eating the fog rolled in.







Another great rest stop. This one was right on the beach. 


Photo by Jen. About 20 steps from the parking lot.



Another great spot. This one was fogged in, my favourite kind of weather for photography.










Camp site at Harris Beach. 

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