Alajuela to La Fortuna (Day 2)

Day 2 of our trip started at Alajuela (San Jose Airport) from there we travelled by bus to La Fortuna. Our hotel was outside of the city on a large piece of land which had previously been a macadamia farm.

Half way between Alajuela and La Fortuna. This was the view from a washroom/food break.


Our first really good view of the Arenal Volca. We were told that only 2% of visitors get to see the Volcano (it's usually covered by clouds), but we saw it at some point every day. Either we were very lucky or they were feeding us a line.


The view from our hotel room.


On the right are the Challets, they must have had amazing views. I'm glad we didn't stay in them because they were a bit far away from the main building of the hotel.


Everyday between 3 and 4 it would get foggy and then start to rain a short time after that. This photo was taken maybe 2 hours after the sunny ones above.


In the bottom of the photo you can see a red eyed tree frog.

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