Ruby Lake

I've been really busy lately and haven't been very good at getting the rest of the Costa Rica trip posted. I'll get some new posts done later this week.

In the meantime, this past weekend we spent time with my wife's family up at Ruby Lake. I brought my camera so this is a short break from Costa Rica photos.


Relaxing at the cabin.


Playing around with my Defocus Control lens, it lets me control how the out of focus areas look including producing very soft looking shots like this one.


John spending his birthday the right way.

Rob, Keri, Mad, Jen and I went on a short hike in Francis Point Provincial Park.




I'm smarter than I look. Honest.


My beautiful wife, Jen.


View up the Lake.


Sherry helping Rowan up the stairs.


Sherry and Rowan on their daily walk.


Rob and Keri returning from a paddle.


That's it for the good stuff, only avacado left.


That's about the same way I feel about avacado.


Jen and Rowan reading a book.

Eating is serious business.


Smiles for me.

Rowan, hamming it up.


Grilled Cheese. Happy.