Monteverde (Day 6)

Our first full day in Monteverde.

View from our hotel room.



Our favourite tours of the entire trip was the El Trapiche coffee and sugar cane plantation tour.

Unripe coffee bean.


Drying coffee beans.


The plantation.


Demonstrating how coffee beans are harvested.


Traditional cart.

6 tourists in a cart.


We got to make our own sugar treat from the sugar cane!

Finished off with coffee and a bite to eat.

We finished off the day with a tour of local frog and butterfly species.


This little guy is actually translucent.



Ruby Lake

Jen and I spent another weekend up at Ruby Lake. This time it was just the two of us.

We hiked up to Skookumchuck narrows at peak Ebb tide. Flood creates the big wave so there weren't any kyakers out.



Looking upriver.


Jen, at flood tide this is where the kyakers surf the big wave.


Last time I didn't really get the night shots I wanted to, since it was just the two of us I had a bit more time to play around,

So many stars.


This is about a 30 minute exposure.


I discovered that my camera had an intervalometer so I set it up to capture an image every 10 minutes and went to bed. Next time I'll set it for an image every minute because the stars moved a bit more then I'd planned, I still like the effect though.


La Fortuna to Monteverde (Day 5)

We really enjoyed our time on the outskirts of La Fortuna, but it was time to move on. We arranged to travel by Jeep - Boat - Jeep to Monteverde.  

The weather in Monteverde was very predictable. Nice in the morning, terrential downpour starting around 3 and then it would dry up in the evening. It was a perfect excuse for an afternoon nap back at the hotel.

A bit wet

Our ride.


Howler monkies!


 Play the video to hear the howler monkeys.


Our Jeep! It wasn't exactly a smooth ride.


We visited an Orchid museum. 


I believe this is a shot of the smallest orchid in the world.


Winding roads in the hills of Monteverde.


Downtown Santa Elena.


Ruby Lake

I've been really busy lately and haven't been very good at getting the rest of the Costa Rica trip posted. I'll get some new posts done later this week.

In the meantime, this past weekend we spent time with my wife's family up at Ruby Lake. I brought my camera so this is a short break from Costa Rica photos.


Relaxing at the cabin.


Playing around with my Defocus Control lens, it lets me control how the out of focus areas look including producing very soft looking shots like this one.


John spending his birthday the right way.

Rob, Keri, Mad, Jen and I went on a short hike in Francis Point Provincial Park.




I'm smarter than I look. Honest.


My beautiful wife, Jen.


View up the Lake.


Sherry helping Rowan up the stairs.


Sherry and Rowan on their daily walk.


Rob and Keri returning from a paddle.


That's it for the good stuff, only avacado left.


That's about the same way I feel about avacado.


Jen and Rowan reading a book.

Eating is serious business.


Smiles for me.

Rowan, hamming it up.


Grilled Cheese. Happy. 


La Fortuna (Day 4)

After having such a busy day the day before we decided to spend day 2 in La Fortuna around our hotel. The hotel had a large plot of land (formerly a macadamia plantation) and they offered free guided walking tour on their land as well as a free horseback ride around their property.

As we headed out to the start of of the guided tour we ran into a Crab. Yep, in the mountains of Costa Rica.


Jen and Miguel on our walking tour.


Butterfly Garden. Made me think of Jurassic Park.


Red eyed tree frog.


I'm on a horse pony.


From the deck of the hotel we could watch the rain headed our way. It rained each day starting between 3 and 4.


Our hotel room in the fog.

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