La Fortuna (Day 3)

Our first full day staying around La Fortuna. Our hotel was a fair ways out of town so we decided to spend the day exploring the area. Our first stop was a guided hike at the Arenal Hanging Bridges



Blue Jeans frog, very small and poisonous.


View of the Arenal Volcano at the end of the hike. Sunny and hot, typical for the middle of the day.



The second portion of our day was a hike down to the Rio Fortuna Waterfall for a short swim.

This is where the falls used to be before a landslide changed the course of the river.

After the waterfall we stopped for lunch and a walk around town in La Fortuna.

This is the church in the center of town.

Next stop was a hike to the base of the Arenal Volcano.

Because of the high silica content the lava in Costa Rica is quite solid, it's not liquid like the kind you'd see in Hawaii.


After the volcano we headed back into town for dinner and a soak at the Tabacon hot springs. I don't have any photos of that though.


Alajuela to La Fortuna (Day 2)

Day 2 of our trip started at Alajuela (San Jose Airport) from there we travelled by bus to La Fortuna. Our hotel was outside of the city on a large piece of land which had previously been a macadamia farm.

Half way between Alajuela and La Fortuna. This was the view from a washroom/food break.


Our first really good view of the Arenal Volca. We were told that only 2% of visitors get to see the Volcano (it's usually covered by clouds), but we saw it at some point every day. Either we were very lucky or they were feeding us a line.


The view from our hotel room.


On the right are the Challets, they must have had amazing views. I'm glad we didn't stay in them because they were a bit far away from the main building of the hotel.


Everyday between 3 and 4 it would get foggy and then start to rain a short time after that. This photo was taken maybe 2 hours after the sunny ones above.


In the bottom of the photo you can see a red eyed tree frog.


Costa Rica Bound (Day 1)

Jen and I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica!

We flew from Vancouver to Phoenix and then on to Costa Rica. These are some images I captured from the Vancouver to Phoenix portion of the flight, I wasn't in a window seat for the second portion of the flight so these were the only ones I got.

The Grand Canyon.




On April 20th good friends of ours, Allie and James, had a little baby girl named Charlotte. A few days after, we had a chance to stop by for a quick visit. I brought along my camera and got about 10 shots before Charlotte decided that was enough.


The happy family.



Freeman Patterson workshop at Vancouver Photo Workshops

I attended a Freeman Patterson workshop through Vancouver Photo Workshops recently and had a great time. It's been a struggle to get out and shoot recently so it was great to get some inspiration and discuss photography with other photographers.

In case you don't know who Freeman Patterson is you should checkout his website :

Freeman's book, Photography and the Art of Seeing ( was one of the 3 things that really got me into photography. The other two being the nikon D70 and our move to Ottawa.

The workshop started with a presentation from Freeman and a video. After that we headed out on our own into the area surrounding Vancouver Photo Workshops. We came back and reviewed our images plus a few images we had brought that we had previously shot. The discussion was really interesting and seeing the way Freeman and the other students viewed the images and broke down the composition gave me a few more things to think about when I'm out shooting.

Here are the images I took that day:





And here are the previously taken images I brought:


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