Driving the Coast - Day 2 Whidbey Island to Grayland Beach

We didn't have a reservation for the ferry (it's a small ferry) so we got up early to make sure we could get underway.



Port Townsend it looked like a pretty nice town, but we had lots of driving to do so we didn't stop to look around.



Just south of La Push on the Olympic peninsula are 1st 2nd and 3rd beaches. We hiked into 2nd beach.




Hole in the wall in the background.




This is the first good view of the beaches we came across. It was from a pullout on the side of the highway.



Photo by Jen. We underestimated how much time our side trips would take so we didn't make it to Astoria. I'm glad it happened that way because we stumbled on a great campsite at Grayland Beach State Park. This was about 30 feet from out campsite.



Photo by Jen.





Photo by Jen.






Same bench as in a few photos ago, taken from our campsite.


_DSC2295.jpg _DSC2296.jpg


Driving the Coast - Day 1 Vancouver to Whidbey Island

My wife and I decided to drive the Oregon coast as part of our vacation this year.

Day 1 Vancouver to Whidbey Island

Deception Pass Bridge - this connects Whidbey Island to the mainland.


View near the the Keystone Ferry Terminal.


Fort Casey was a short walk from our campsite. You can see the Admiralty Head Lighthouse in the background.


These big guns were built as one point in a "Triangle of Fire" and used to protect Admiralty Inlet from invasion. Unfortunately, they were obsolete almost right after they were built.



We ended up camping right near the ferry terminal. It wasn't the most picturesque site we've ever camped at, but it did the trick. 



This past weekend was Canadian Thankgiving. We didn't really plan it but it worked out so that my wife, her brother and sister, their spouses and I all got together for the weekend. In between working and eating I grabbed my camera and took some photos of our niece Rowan.


Just woke up.




I'm pretty sure she was laughing at Jen, for some reason she found her hilarious.



Keri and Rowan.








 It doesn't get much cuter than that.


I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo of all of us, maybe next time.


VanDusen Gardens

I've been using the E-P2 so much lately that I haven't used my Nikon Kit that much. Well, I grabbed my D700 and a couple of lenses and headed out to VanDusen Gardens.

Water lily.


Magnolia Leaves.











Mars and the Moon

Jen called me from work a couple of nights ago to let me know that Mars was visible and asked me to take a couple of shots. I took a couple of shots from our upstairs balcony.


This is mars. It's a heavily cropped image of mars (otherwise it just looks like a white dot in the sky). I took it with my 300mm lens and 1.7 teleconverter (450mm equivalent). The interesting thing about this shot is the 3 dots around mars. It only has two moons so I'm not sure why there are three dots. I'm no astronomer so I have no idea.


The moon, I cropped the image slightly but it was obviously much easier to get a more interesting shot of it.


I realized pretty quickly that my long lenses weren't even close to long enough for shots of mars (I wasn't really expecting much to begin with). So I grabbed my 14-24 wide angle zoom and got this. Mars is the bright spec to the right of the moon.


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